Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week Elder Larsen went to a thing called Molino.  It is where they make all of their Panela that they drink.  They drink a lot of aguapanela.  They got to see the whole process of the drink being made.  This picture if of him eating sugar cane.  I am not sure what is on the sugar cane that looks like caramel.  (If you are from Colombia and you know, please feel free to inform me.)

Dear Family,
Well things this week, I guess you could say, were a lot bigger than planned.  As planned, we left early from Barbosa to go to Duitama on Wednesday morning. We got there around 8 for my meeting as a district leader. It was good. We had the zone meeting after that and it went pretty well. After the zone meeting we went to Tunja and went on splits with a companionship from there. Elder Dickson went with me (he is from San Jose, California) 

We were able to find a decent amount of old investigators and people, like planned. I was able to talk to Sneider (the cyclist convert) and he is actually leaving to go to France on the 25th because there is a team or something that is picking him up over there. He will have a contract for about 10 months. How cool is that right?? I will have to find out what part he is going to so we can let Alex know ha. The problem is is that Sneider only speaks Spanish and is trying to learn French. Alex only speaks English and French. Who knows...  (Alex is Kade's cousin that is now serving his mission in France)

Also talked with ______________ (first convert in the mission) She has gotten married to her RM boyfriend. She is pregnant and they plan on getting sealed this coming October. We also met up with one of the families but weren't able to talk much with them.. Just was like 10 minutes but we weren't able to talk much..   (I am not allowed to post names of people from the area without their permission so I have left it blank or changed his sentence a little)

Thursday we had interviews and they went really well. I feel like President is trusting in me a little bit more than before. I talked to him to see if I could go back to Tunja and perform a baptism of someone I taught. He said it might be possible but we´ll have to see.  That would be really neat, honestly it would change a lot of things ha. Complete a dream I have had since leaving there, I guess you could say.

(Kade's companion ended up being moved out in the middle of transfers) I think my next companion will come next Monday so right now I am in a trio.. Kind of weird.. But yeah. Changes are next week so we will see what happens. President also might take a companionship out of Barbosa so I could actually leave but who knows what he will decide to do. I am with Elder Coffman and Elder Mejia. Sorry that this email is not very informative with stories and stuff. I have to send in numbers and do some kind of exam thing on here today so not much time.. Well I love ya and hope you have a great week =) 

Elder Larsen

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Family,

Hey it sounds like things are going pretty well back home. About the Olympics the people here honestly don't watch it all that much but I have seen it on a few televisions once and awhile, just not too often like in the states. They honestly probably don't have that many athletes in these Olympics.. Who knows. 

Do me a favor and put the picture of us walking with the Barbosa sign as the Big picture on the top of the page on Facebook. But make it so you see everything  good.
I was wondering when Nielson would finish the mission, he left way before I ever did. That's pretty cool, I think I have heard people having those problems (Visa expiring before two years) but that's normal so it doesn't matter. One month early isn't that big of a deal. More than that then yeah its kind of different.. 

This week was honestly a pretty hard week for us, mentally and physically. We just don't have investigators who are progressing. We weren't able to find as many new ones this week either. We are still trying to work hard and all. The Branch and us missionaries have now made some new plans to get the work moving a bit in the Branch. Every other Sunday we are going to meet up with the Priesthood of the Branch to go on splits with them to visit the less actives in the ward. To also help them learn how to teach the lessons and all.. The first time was yesterday and we hope to keep it going. We as missionaries are going to have to start teaching classes on "How to give talks" and stuff like that. All most every week we have to teach one of the classes at church. For example my comp gave a talk on Sunday and I had to teach the Priesthood class. The other missionaries taught the Gospel Principles class ha. I talked my first Sunday here. Kind of different right? But its ok, helps us learn more.
This morning we went to a thing called a Molino. I have no idea what that is in English. Its where they make all of their Panela that we drink here. Remember me saying we drink a lot of Aguapanela. Its that, we got to see it all get made, the whole process and all. We ate a bunch of it fresh out, the pic I sent Makenna.. Also we ate sugar canes and stuff. 

We found this huge bug thing on Saturday which was almost as big as my agenda, it turned out awesome.. I had a bunch of good pics of it.
This week will be kind of cool because we will be traveling a bit. We have zone meeting on Wednesday morning at 9 am. I have a meeting as a District leader at 8. We will have to leave our house around 430 in the morning to get to Duitama on time. After the meeting we will go to Tunja (where I started the mission) and work that day. On Thursday we will have interviews with President around 11 in the morning. Honestly I am pretty excited to leave here for a day or two... I will be also be able to see some familiar faces in Tunja which will be pretty dang awesome. Hopefully we can cram quite a few appointments.. 

This week we had some pretty awesome pictures and all. BUT, honestly, I am pretty sure this computer attacked it with a virus. I have a copy memory card with the pictures and all but of everything from this last week, no.. I am trying to get it scanned and all that good stuff. I will be pretty dang mad if it gets all deleted. 

I hope everything is going pretty well back home. We are trying to get the work going here. Honestly didn't have too many experiences to share this week.. Well, got to get going.. Love ya and miss ya´ll. 

        Elder Kade Larsen
         Colombia Bogota North Mission