Monday, September 8, 2014

Cow hide slippers

Dear Family,

This week was a pretty interesting week I guess you could say. Like I said last week, I had to go to Bogota on Wednesday for the meeting on ThursdayOn Wednesday we left here around 10 in the morning because we had an emergency appointment in the morning. We arrived to Bogota around 7 because of traffic entering through the south of Bogota (horrible..) We got to the assistants house around 8:30 or so and we bought Dominos pizza (I LOVE AMERICAN PIZZA!!) We had my comp and I and also 4 Elders from the 2 Bucaramanga Zones there.  With another gringo (North American) named Elder Shumway (from Arizona) we stayed up talking till around 1 or so until the assistants called us saying 4 more Elders were coming and would arrive around 2 am. So we both stayed up to receive them and in the end we ended up falling asleep around 3:30 or so and getting up at 6 haha. Somehow we had enough energy to get through the day ha. It was a cool meeting (concilio) where we learned quite a bit of new stuff that we will now have to teach the zone on Wednesday.

The Family we are teaching had some tough moments with the son going to the Army but they are now back on track. The forms to get married should be ready today or tomorrow and we will be able to send those in this week. Last night we had a great lesson with them, we watched "On the way home". It was great and they related to it a lot. They both teared up in the movie. We will be working hard with them getting them prepared for the wedding and all.
We are teaching another neat lady.  She and her son have baptism dates for the 5th of October but we will probably move it up to the last week of September because the 5th is General Conference.. haha And they are going to be ready early =)

Another couple we are teaching have already decided they want to get married and do what they need to do to get baptized before leaving. The problem will be his job letting him go to church Sunday morning. We´ll see what God can do.. He makes miracles happen ;)

Of course I know Mary Curtis, I had to cut and pull weeds at her house for years. I also did fast offerings and sacrament with her for a long long time. Sad to hear about her death. 

About Dad losing weight.. I can totally tell. I have thought about asking but its kind of one of those awkward questions haha. Here in Colombia its actually not a big deal to tell someone that they are kind of fat.. (its weird sometimes).. Well fam, I gotta get moving with some stuff to send to the mission. I love you guys and hope your having an awesome Monday. I love ya´ll and hope you have an awesome week. Today I bought a souvenir. they are sandals called Cotizas! They are so awesome and are from Cow leather (with hair). Here is a pic of them. they are classic from this part of Colombia. Totally going to rock these in the house when I get back and at college haha. They are supposed to be worn without socks. Well Have a good one! chao! 
  Elder Kade Larsen
MisiĆ³n Colombia Bogota Norte