Monday, June 30, 2014

Totally excited about Colombia playing in the 2014 World Cup

Thanks for the pics of the missionaries (cousins) last week. It was pretty cool to see. Brady and Jade have changed a ton. They both look pretty dang old now. Alex is still a young gun but I think in a year in the mission he will change quite a bit haha.   

We are doing really well down here and honestly it feels like we have been running around like crazy without control.. Its frustrating because it feels like some of our investigators are falling out of the picture. Today was changes and there will be some big changes. President sent us 4 more missionaries to our zone and so our branch will have 8  missionaries. It will be awesome because we definitly need them here. We will be moving out of the old apartment tomorrow morning hopefully so that we can be out before the new 2 elders get here. We have a new apartment down in our area which will be a lot better. 

This week we have to go to Bogota (first week of the month). We will be leaving Wednesday probably around 3 or 4 in the morning. We will have to see what happens with the tickets. I kind of hope we leave around that time so I can sleep on the bus a bit better. 

I totally miss camping.. Like crazy.. We will have to get up in the mountains when I get back home. You guys never bothered letting me know if I drew out for the deer hunt or not.. If I did, you should go in and turn in my tag and maybe we can buy a tag later on for November or something. (So far it looks like Kade's release date will be October 31, 2014)

Colombia is playing well in the Mundial (Brazil 2014 World Cup). They haven't lost yet. They won last Saturday against Uruguay (HUGE game) and this Friday will play Brazil. We can beat them but it will be hard because Brazil is obviously home team in the country.. There are a lot of Colombians there to support them though. Colombia is pretty excited about every game and so are we =) I love it! Hope you guys watch the game =) Its on the 4th of July though.. 

Well I gotta get going..  Love ya and hope you have an awesome week =) thanks for everything =). 
   Elder Kade Larsen
MisiĆ³n Colombia Bogota Norte