Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elder Larsen leaving Barbosa

Elder Kade Larsen's letter 5/20/14.  He didn't write on Monday because he got transferred and was traveling all day. I was able to chat with him for a few minutes when he e-mailed and I have just inserted those parts in to his letter.  CL

Dear Family,

Well it turns out that I got transferred from the Barbosa Branch. I am now a Zone Leader and my new city is called Yopal (pronounced Joe-Paul). My area is called Cravo Sur (Cravo South). This is also a branch, but a big branch. Supposedly we have around 170 attending on Sunday. That will be a nice change =) haha. 

My new companion is Elder Morales from California. My first real Gringo Companion so that will be a bit different than before. He has one change less than me in the mission. He has been here in the area for 3 months. This Saturday there will be 4 baptisms for my area. They are all children of reactivated families so its pretty cool. The other area also has a baptism so that will be cool too. 

My Zone is a small zone of 10 missionaries; our branch and the other branch called Agua Sul. There are 4 in the other branch and there are 6 here, 2 of which are sister missionaries. 

The reason I didn't write.. Yopal is pretty far away from Barbosa. I left Barbosa at noon yesterday and went to Bogota, got there around 530 or so (traffic) and we left Bogota to come to Yopal around 7. We arrived to Yopal around 4 in the morning. It was a long day. Got to the house and I still couldn't sleep (couldn't on the bus). I probably slept an hour before getting up at 7 or so. I think it will hit me hard later on today ha. 

I asked why they traveled so late at night and how many hours he had traveled.  He answered, "Its better at night than in the day. Basically around 13 or 14 hours. Should have been like 12 but there was traffic at times."  I asked why it was better at night and he said because it is cooler and some people can actually sleep so they can work the next day.

Last week did go a bit better but we still weren't able to get baptismal dates because they didn't accept them. Frustrating but we had some good strong lessons with the spirit. Unfortunately I don't have time to tell ya about it all because we got to get going soon (to lunch). 

Pretty cool to hear that there are a lot getting their Eagles back home. Well I need to get going, I love ya and I hope all is going well for you both. Sorry I couldn't inform you yesterday that I wasn't going to write..

I told him that I had seen a picture on Facebook of him and his companion both with luggage.  He said, "My comp didn't get transferred but he had to go with me to Tunja and he has to stay there till Wednesday to pick up his new comp so he will be going back to Barbosa. I still don't know anything here. haha  You will have to look it up. Its close to the south, close to the Amazon, I think.. But its flat here basically.. Like Kansas. ha chao!

   Elder Kade Larsen
MisiĆ³n Colombia Bogota Norte