Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elder Kade Larsen is coming home.  Yahoo!!!!

Wow.. My last written testimony through this email.

The mission has helped me grow and change so much. I feel I have changed in many ways in these two short years. I am still myself but I have changed. The Lord and the work has changed and molded me into who I am now. Everyone tells you what to try and expect on the mission but once you get here nothing is like what they said. Every mission is different and the only way to know what it's like; you have to try it yourself. I know can say with assurity that I KNOW what its like to be a full time missionary. The Lord has given me the chance to come to the Colombia Bogota North Mission. 

I know that I have come to know my brother Jesus Christ a lot better. Before the mission I knew who he was and what he did but didn't feel it. During the mission when the load was just too heavy I felt him take it off and let me relax. He bore my burdens because he loves me and each and every one of you. We have been protected through many times of danger and confusion.  I have learned many new things about Him and about His gospel. Honestly before the mission I didn't understand very well what the Atonement really meant. Now I know, I have put it to work in my own life. The atonement is the most important thing that has ever happened in this world. 

I am Elder Larsen, a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare his word among his people so that they might have everlasting life. Our calling as a missionary is more important than anything we could be doing at this point of our lives. Later on our job is to raise a family and that is our next calling. Yo amo el Señor. El me ama y me lo muestra por el hecho de darme bendiciones diariamente. Se que si soy fiel a El, el sera fiel conmigo. El ha dejado su ejemplo perfecto para seguir. El tiempo es ahora para hacerlo. Actuemos ahora. Gracias a ustedes estoy aquí donde estoy. Amo esta misión. Amo el país de Colombia. Me ha cambiado y moldeado a ser un hombre. Nos vemos el Sábado por la noche =)  Les amo y les quiero mucho! Chao!

   Elder Kade Larsen
Misión Colombia Bogotá Norte
​There was a cool conference here just for Colombia. We had some awesome speakers.​ Elder Holland, Elder Nash, Elder Pino, and a Sister Wixom. Don't have time to write much about it but yeah. It was cool.. ha Well Gotta get going love ya!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kade said they cook meat like this for a large group. It looks yummy!

I cant believe Jade (his cousin) finishes (his mission) on Wednesday. That is pretty cool. When is his welcome home? Here we had our fast and testimony meeting yesterday, I don't know why.. Maybe to not have to push it back to far or something.. who knows. When I get home, I am going to have to start going to a lot of the temples.. Totally slacked on that when I was home before the mission.. As a couple (with my future wife) would be cool.. 

Our investigators are doing really really well. The only problem is that one of them needed a job really, really bad and we have been trying to help her get one with a member here. She ended up finding a job but its a job that she has to work on Sundays. NO!! Their baptismal date is for the 11th. We will have to get that all fixed up this week so they can get baptized and so they can attend General conference this weekend. 

I am really excited for General Conference, should be pretty awesome. It will be my last general conference in the mission. I am stoked to see it all though. It will be a pretty good boost for our investigators if we can get them to attend it. This week... will be kind of crappy. On Wednesday morning we are leaving to go to Bogota and we will be back Friday morning. We are going to the monthly meeting again. Its an awesome meeting but not too excited for the bus ride, ha. We will get back around 6 or 7 Friday morning and work all that day. Saturday we will be in conference A L L day.. It will be a rough week with lessons..  

We are doing well here in Yopal. I feel like there isn't time to do ANYTHING.. its kind of frustrating, wont lie.. There is so much to do but so little time. 

Looks like you guys are doing pretty well. I liked the pictures from Saint George. Its similar to the climate here I think..

  Elder Kade Larsen
Misión Colombia Bogota Norte