Monday, March 31, 2014

Elder Lazo and Elder Larsen

Elder Larsen said that last week they were able to go to Bogota and hear Elder Uceda speak.  He mentioned that he heard him once while he was in the MTC in Bogota but was concentrating on translating it to English so much that he kind of missed out on the spirit of the talk.  This time he didn't have to worry about translating and thought that Elder Uceda was a very powerful speaker.

This past week they were able to have a baptism of a sweet girl that he says is so spiritual and ready for baptism.  Her family is also listening to the lessons and they look forward to teaching them.

He is really excited for General Conference this coming weekend.  They will travel to his old area for it and he is excited about seeing the members there.  He says, "Watch ALL of the sessions of General Conference. I now understand how important they are in our lives.  (I did before...Just not as much as now.)"

Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder Larsen and Elder Lazo in Barbosa, Colombia

Elder Larsen, March 2014

Elder Larsen is training a new elder from Lima, Peru.  He says that things are going pretty well. And he mentioned last week that there is a thing they refer to as "Greenie Power".  That is when more people want to listen and there are more references when they have a greenie companion. They are working hard every day and trying to find more and more people to teach the message of the Restored Gospel. He and his companion get along really well and so it makes the work go pretty well. "We are pretty similar I guess. Kind of a laid back, not to crazy, but cool sport guys haha."

They are teaching a few people with baptismal dates right now and he shared a funny story about teaching a lesson.  "We were teaching Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were talking about baptism showing the photo of when Jesus was baptized by John. We asked him what he could see or what he thought of the image.  He looks at it, looks back at us and said "It looks like John is going to hit Jesus!" The entire family went crazy laughing and we laughed a bit too but it was an honest answer so we just had to teach him that is how people get baptized, but it was funny. haha." 

They are teaching another lady that was a referral from a member family. "She is great and progressing as well. She is very receptive to the gospel because she had a daughter die years ago and needed to hear the Plan of Salvation.  It was a rough lesson because it was my comps first time teaching it but she understood it all so it was good =) The spirit always talks louder than we do so its ok." 

Dad wanted a few thoughts.. "I love Colombia and I love the people. Look in the pics I sent, Its GREEN. And its always that way. Its just a beautiful country and I hope that one day you guys will be able to see it.

I know that God loves us. I know we have many problems and trials in this life but with his support we can get through anything. As a missionary I have learned that this is the best job/work there is out there. We are giving away salvation to these people. And when they accept it and make the changes necessary God blesses their life tremendously. We have to keep working, there is just NO time to waste.. I am growing to like this town a lot more than before. Its better that I like it =) I will be here quite awhile. haha"

I miss ya¨ll and love ya.. 
   Elder Kade Larsen
MisiĆ³n Colombia Bogota Norte