Monday, July 14, 2014

Kade shares a nice testimony while serving his mission in Colombia.  I said to him that I hoped he was writing in his journal because his letters covered his travels but not a lot of experiences.  That is why he comments on the journal.  I had also asked him to share a spiritual experience.  I shared a very strong impression that I'd received once and he comments on that.  I do need to say that the majority of time the Holy Ghost does not give us strong impressions needing immediate action.  Most of the time the Holy Ghost whispers to us.  The more we listen to those whisperings, the better we get at hearing them and acting upon them. (Kade's letter has been edited.)

Dear Family, 

First off.. In all honesty.. I am kind of struggling on the journal part. I am making up days from last week and so I have to write like 2 or 3 days at a time. It was worse when I was in Bogota for a week because my journal was here in Yopal. Now I write every day so that I can hopefully get caught up to where I should be. 

In all honesty mom, I haven't had a huge spiritual promptings about things like that. For me, its usually something saying that we need to go and visit a certain person or at least call them. Usually when I don't listen or we decide not to.. I pay for it. 

When we moved to our new apartment it was a really rainy day but there was a member (a 19 year old) who drove us in his dads car to bring our stuff over. It was nice. It was raining really really hard and the streets were basically rivers here. Anyways when we got out and left I told him over again to drive slow so he doesn't hydroplane. On the way back to his house, when he tried to stop at a light, he couldn't stop in time and rear ended someone. Before he called us I could feel like something had happened and low and behold, right after he sent us a text telling us to call him. He didn't get hurt and neither did the other person. But they had a pretty big check to pay to repair the other guys car. 

Today was an interesting day because we are planning to get up and go play soccer/basketball. Right before leaving, a member (not that we know and is from Bogota) called us saying they needed blood donors to help her brother that is here in Yopal. He is in serious condition with about 5% of his body working. We started calling people and texting many people to see who could go to the hospital and donate (we can't as missionaries). In the end, they called us and told us that many members of the church showed up (probably around 7 or 8) ready to donate blood for the member. With the blood they donated they gave him the blood and life flighted him to Bogota. We were basically on the phone the entire morning and never even had to go to the hospital. It was fantastic to see the members offer their service (It wasn't easy, it's Monday and everyone works. and they need O+). To me it made me really happy to see the members offer their service for someone they have never met and probably will never see again. 

The work of the Lord is big. There is a lot to do. We can't waste time. I know that every second that I waste someone else might be dying (spiritually). I can't let that happen. I have been called as a representative of Jesus Christ to bring others unto Christ. He is our Savior, our Redeemer, our Lord.  He payed all so that we can live in peace. He "offered" all, so that we wouldn't have to. Every time we sin (with knowledge that its a sin) we are torturing him once again. I know he is my Brother. He is my light and my guide through the times of peril in my life. 

I love you all and hope you have had an awesome week. Never underestimate the power of the Lord in someone. People change through the love of Christ.  Thanks for the email and I hope to hear from ya next week. Don't forget to write if you go up on the mountain =) Chao!

    Elder Kade Larsen
MisiĆ³n Colombia Bogota Norte