Monday, May 20, 2013

Elder Larsen wrote this week.  He shared some missionary experiences that I thought I'd share on his blog.  I think he really enjoys being on a mission and doing the Lord's work.  He says:

This week has been a bit better than the last week. We have been really trying to focus on having lessons with members. Why, because lessons with members is basically a different level of success than a normal lesson. They understand more and they have more trust in us as representatives of Jesus Christ.  We were able to find a new family through contacting. They are an older family that has a son around 31 and a daughter around 24 or so. The parents are around 60 or so I think. We had actually been contacting for about an hour or so without success, we had a lesson planned at 5 with an investigator so we went to his house and he was on the phone a little ways down the street and told us to wait a second. It was raining pretty hard so we stood under his porch. 
While we were waiting for a minute or two a neighbor, standing in her front door, waved for us to come over. So we went because we were just waiting. She wanted to know what religion we were from and what not. We talked for a moment and told her we would be back within in an hour because we had the appointment with the other investigator at that time. We came back after an hour and talked with her, her husband, and her son. We had a good talk for about an hour about a few basic things. We learned they have had people from a bunch of different Churches come and talk to them about their church. Jehovah's Witnesses, Evangelicals, etc., but a lot. They seemed to really like us and kept saying that we are great young men that are humble and know the doctrine. My companion knows the scriptures like no other. He knows the Bible better than the Book of Mormon. He is a stud. We met with them 2 days later and they had all read the pamphlet and we gave them Books of Mormon to start reading. We talked and explained The Restoration of the Gospel and the spirit was very strong. We will have a lesson with them on Wednesday about that. Today we played basketball with the son, he has a few medical problems but is good at basketball. We have grown a lot of trust with this family so fast and they are very interested to learn more.
Remember the woman that we had to give to other missionaries to teach because she lives about a block and a half into another zone? She will be getting baptized this Saturday. The member of the church she lives with will be doing the baptism, which will be awesome. We have grown close with that family as well.
This is one cool thing about the mission. There are people you just instantly have relationships with. Strong relationships with trust with everything. Its all natural and its great. Sometimes it doesn't happen that way but with some it does.
Elder Larsen

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