Monday, August 18, 2014

This letter is from August 11th.  We had given him this puzzle for Christmas and it looks like he finally got it put together.  Kade is a zone leader and so they help a lot with transfers.  It sounds like they are really busy when he writes this letter.  

Dear Family,

Things are going well down here. A bit hectic but well.. ha This last week in all honesty we weren't able to have many spiritual experiences.. My comp and I ended up going to the clinic on Tuesday morning because he was still sick. Turns out he had an infection in his lungs and they gave him some time to rest. The first day we were actually able to go and out work was on Saturday.. Dang! During the week we had a couple appointments by the house and that was it.. Other than that we had to just sit in the house. It was horrible. I was able to get some work done in the house though. Set up some new things I have been needing to do.. But anyways, the best part of the week was Sunday. We picked up an investigator to go with us to church because she needs to attend to get baptized. We got there and there were already others investigators there. Basically all in all, there were 13 investigators that came to church! BAM! Without teaching them the entire week that many people coming to church is insane! We usually average around 6 or 7.. It was so sick. To me its a testimony builder. It also means that they are also growing in testimonies. It was awesome. 

In the afternoon it was cool as well but I dont have time to say much about it.. Today are transfers and there were many many transfers in my zone.. My companion was changed to Bucaramanga and My new comp should get here tomorrow. He is C
olombian and his name is Elder Reyes (Elder Kings). We are doing well here though. Well I honestly have no time to write because we have to go pick up other elders.. I love ya though and hope you're doing great. 
Elder Larsen

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