Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Family, I'm sorry about the few word emails that this computer keeps on sending to you.. It's a pain in the butt. But anyways, that “Wheres the Line to See Jesus” sounds pretty cool and interesting. Did you guys go up to Temple Square for the lights again this year or is that picture from something else? It looks so cold there lol. Here it is a steady 70 degrees usually, I think. Definitely never cold here. One thing about here is that a lot of people have Christmas lights in the city. They are weird Christmas lights but hey, they have them lol. The MTC even puts up some lights along some of the bushes outside of the building. We also have a Christmas tree at the end of our hall. It makes things a little nicer here at the CCM.
And mom.... I hope that you forgetting the number doesn't affect it THAT much because I definitely still want something for Christmas lol. If it doesn't work out, I will be fine. When I leave the MTC next Tuesday I need to get to a store pretty soon and buy stuff like Shampoo, deodorant, and gel. I have been out of gel for quite a while now and it's horrible. There are other things too probably, but yeah.
Caci and Tim said they sent something so hopefully that will be able to make it as well. Thanks for sending that you guys. I am wearing the green paisley tie you guys gave me right now!
That's great to hear that you guys are all doing well on your finals and good luck to Lindsay who still has two, I think. Finals are never fun but it's the best when they are over, ha. I really don't miss that part of college AT ALL. I do miss baseball pretty bad and I don't think I will really ever get the chance here.
We didn't get to go to the temple this morning because there was another talk from an Elder? from the Area 70. I never even got his name but it was a great talk. We will go to the temple tomorrow and that will be the last time we get to go probably for awhile because of being in the field. We will leave next Tuesday to enter the actual field and I think we find out which area we are going to on Monday afternoon or something like that. But yeah there isn't really a way for me to tell you guys until I am actually there. Today when listening to the guy talk I was able to understand probably 90% of what he was saying to us, in Spanish. Bam! Made me feel pretty good. My Spanish is definitely getting better and better as time goes on so keep on praying because it helps.
This week our district gets the chance to go out as a companionship on the street for an hour and talk to some people. Elder Gale and I haven't been able to go yet but we will probably go in the morning which I am pretty excited for. Our District here is awesome and I am going to miss them. We just recently switched from playing volleyball in the morning to playing 21, the basketball game. We get into it but it is so awesome. Reminds me of home to tell ya the truth. Its funny because they are always talking about how high I can jump. I can dunk it with a little ball here but not a normal size ball. One day maybe... lol. But yeah, it's fun to surprise people like that. They think I have played basketball for years and years, ha.
That is crazy to hear about Oakley getting arrested but also pretty awesome. Hopefully everything is going okay for him out there. I think about him a lot and want to get a letter out to him. Daniel as well. I sent one to Mike and Dallin already. Entonces, I need to get going and sort laundry and stuff and my time is just about gone.
Hope you guys are doing great and I love you and miss you. Mom the Skype thing can work anywhere as long as the computer you're using has Skype installed and a webcam. Just got to know all of your login information, talk to Caci about it. Its not bad at all. Hopefully we can Skype though, who knows. Anyways, good luck this week with all that's going. Sounds like you all are keeping busy, that's good.
Love ya,
Elder Kade Larsen

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