Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Family,

Its good to hear that the week went really well. Thank you for the addresses. I got a lettter from Emily last week and she said she was leaving Provo on the 4th. I actually got the letter with the workout plans that day that I told you that I didn't get it. I got it like three hours after I emailed you, so sorry. The fourwheeler looks awesome! I am jealous that I can't be riding it up above town or up 12 Mile.

Yeah, Makenna and Chris were definitly lucky that the tire didn't blow out on them. I'm glad you guys were able to get it fixed before she she went back home. I love the pictures you guys send. I have now started saving them on a flashdrive so that I can actually view them later because when I open them in the email they are huge and you can't even tell what they really are. I need to go back and save the ones you all sent when I was in Provo, so I can actually see them too.

That is so crazy that Coach Johnson is now going to be the head coach at North Sevier. I bet and I know that he is nervous for that job. But he does know what the team needs. We talked about it all the time. He will be good for the program, I think, in the end. I am glad that those three guys got All state.

I am sorry to hear about Dahl Brown, I hate hearing about new people that are dying around town.. Seems like there is a new person every week but I need to know so don't just not tell me. This last week was pretty slow for me, probably because our p-day was on Tuesday last week and it just made the week an extra day. It's with all new people too, so it is moving slower I think. Yea, the elder related to the Bullards is Elder Franks from Richfield. We want to get a picture of all three of us in the Sevier valley and send it home for the Richfield Reaper or something. I think that would be cool, one elder from every school.

By the way, the laptop I am on is totally crappy and everything I am typing is not showing up until a minute or two after I type it. I am getting kinda frustrated with it. Besides the new Elders coming, there isn't much else that is new this week. I just wish I could write you guys a longer letter but this laptop is pretty set against that idea. Thank you for the pictures of the fourwheeler and stuff, they are awesome. Sorry that this is sent later at night then the usual time, you have probably been waiting for it most the day. 

I am so stoked for Elder Burt and Hermana Judkins! I am also pretty jealous but I know I definitly need this last two weeks. Tonight we taught a CRE lesson and the teacher said I did a great job so that was kind of reassuring, ha. My Spanish is getting better but yeah it's always going to be hard. Present subjunctive stuff is just so confusing. Apparently they have like 15 total tenses in the Spanish language but we probably aren't going to try and learn them all because it's just so much to know.

I have only one more temple visit while being in the MTC. That is so crazy. Two weeks from yesterday (he leaves the MTC). Apparently if we are serving in the city of Bogota then we can go every 3 months or so. Not very often but I guess that is better than never getting to go right? When we got there today there was a bunch of Elders from the Bogota North Mission. They seemed like some cool missionaries and they said that they will be training some of the new missionaries when we come out. They have only been out for 3 months and they are already going to be trainers. Guess you got to learn pretty quick because of the big missionary boom that is supposed to happen right behind us. I am glad I am on the front of that boom, ha. Well, good luck with everything else. I love ya and miss you guys a lot. Sorry again that this letter is short. If the laptop worked I would write a better one. I will work on the invitation you offered, thanks! Good luck this week!
Elder Larsen

P.S 2. I sent you guys a letter last week so hopefully it gets there next week or within the week after.

(It is good to hear that Elder Larsen finally received some mail.  Sounds like he might get his Christmas gifts after all.)

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