Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dear Family,
That is so awesome to hear about Brady´s new mission call. He leaves in April as well. 
That is so awesome. Before my birthday even, lol. I am excited for him. Yeah it was a
pretty bold promise for Emily to say (he would be serving out on his mission before
 her birthday in May) but I had been thinking about it as well and I thought it was
definitely possible.  Family and Church History is an awesome calling. We had a part
of our training where we studied some things about the Church history sites and how
 to use it. It was probably my favorite part of my training and is a fun thing to do. It will
 be awesome for him to help other people, members and nonmembers, search for their
ancestors. Family is the central unit of society and people from all cultures believe that
so he will be able to have some great experiences with it all.
Emily´s situation sounds kind of crazy but hey, I guess that kind of stuff happens right?
She will probably be training this coming transfer so she doesn't need to worry. If I get
 to train I think it will be fun. I honestly think training will be better than not but who
 knows, I haven't experienced either of the two. I will experience one or other starting
on March 25th. It would be rough having a companion that was negative. Makes things
a lot harder but Emily knows how to be happy and nothing can stop that. 
I will send you a note for the Bells. That will be really great and so I really thank them
for that.  It really means a lot when people send stuff or offer help for the mission.
Oakley is a total stud and I have had a few emails with him during the mission. He has
had some pretty neat experiences. Maybe I will have some other cool ones like he has  
had sooner or later, ha. The other day I ate a chicken foot for lunch. We had a normal
lunch and then the Hermana brought out a bowl of them. I could only eat one but she
didn't care because she loves them and ate the rest.
Those pictures for sight seeing and bowling were the week before last. Last week we
had to go to Duitama and help some Elders over there and we got back to Tunja too
late for email. Yeah, who knows what (knowledge) I will end up using. I have fixed a  
pipe or two so far but it was basically just gluing it back together. Most people here
that have these pipes don't bother spending the money for the glue or at least not much
glue so they don't last that long (in my opinion).
The baptism went well.  Jaime was the only person to get baptized. The family has some
internal problems they are trying to settle before they get baptized.  Its been hard for the
North Elders with this family because they have been focusing so hard on them but just
cant quite get them there. They called about 15 minutes before the baptism and said they
 wouldn't be able to do it that day. Jaime was baptized and confirmed in church the next
day. He was given the priesthood as well and everything went great. He showed up in our
house Sunday morning before church in a suit ready to go but didn't have a tie so I gave
him one of mine. He plans on leaving for a mission in a year from now because he is done
studying after this semester.
I am staying healthy, well I think so. I really want to check my weight but I don't know
where I can do that. Hopefully I am gaining weight but who knows since we walk so  
much every day. We also eat quite a bit as well. I love you guys and hope that this week
was a great week back home. 60 degrees will be good for you guys. I don't know how
 hot it is here but to me its pretty nice. I think its around 17 degrees celcius and I don't
 remember how to convert it. Anyways, I hope you all are healthy and safe. I love you
guys and miss you a lot.
Elder Larsen
P.S. The ZL called and said I have another package, its from Whitney Calton. I'm excited
to get it.  I don't know what happened to the one from the seminary´s and Joettas.  I hope
they arrive eventually.

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