Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elder Larsen had a rough week this last week.  To start off, he and his companion celebrated and bought out dinner last Monday because it was their last P-day together.  A few hours after his "stomach started to go a little crazy but not too bad.  Within a day it was a killer!  It's like a cat is in my stomach and wants to get out."  He says the worst part of it is that he is having so much pain in his back where his kidneys are.  He said it was too painful to sit and type a very long letter.  (Now I am worried sick!)
Saturday a baptism was scheduled for a family that they have been working with.  They have worked really hard to help this family receive the blessings of the gospel in their lives.  The pictures were taken before the baptism.  The talks were given and then an older son and his girlfriend came in.  The girlfriend had been looking up all kinds of anti information on the internet and had already discussed it with the family before they came to be baptised.  The son talked with the dad again for ten minutes right before he was to be baptised.  Finally the dad put back on his street clothes and the baptism was called off.  This was really hard for the elders and I'm sure they were heartbroken.  There were a lot of great ward members there to support the family and I think everyone was in shock.  I believe Satan hates to see families come in to the gospel and will do everything he can to keep them from entering in to the true church of Jesus Christ.  The family is still talking with the missionaries to have their questions answered.
Elder Larsen's companion was transferred and so was the other American elder that was in Tunja.  He is receiving an elder from Barranquilla that has been out just over a year.  He said that now he will be the only American in the entire area and will have to speak Spanish ALL of the time.  He said it will be six weeks of a lot of progression with his Spanish.  To top the week off, during transfers his phone fell out of his pocket and now he doesn't have a phone and may not have one for a month. 
This week is Holy Week called Semana Santa.  He said that everything is closed.  He hopes it's not like that the entire week because it sure makes the work harder to do.   The celebration is huge there and he hopes to send pictures next week.  They have taught some good first lessons this week and are even teaching a professor.  He said he is teaching him English for about 20 minutes and the gospel for about 40. 
It is starting to be the rainy season there and they have had rain almost every day for the last week.  For the next two months they will be getting a lot of rain. "Yipee!"  The best part of his week was when he got his scripture cases that were special made for him.  This is what he bought with his Christmas money.  His favorite is of Enos praying but he loves them both.

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