Monday, November 5, 2012

Kade and the other Colombian elders fly out of America tomorrow, Tuesday November 6th.  It will take them all day long and they will arrive in Colombia around 10 P.M.  I had asked Kade questions and he answers that there are no sister missionaries in his district and only two in his zone.  He says he sees his cousin, Emily more than the ones in his zone and that is fine with him because she is "cooler". 
They had a departure devotional last night covering a lot of things that he thought was common sense.  There are around 8 missionaries going to Colombia this week however not all of them are traveling in Kade's group.
He has really enjoyed the devotionals and said one of his favorite quotes is "I fear no man. The angels are with me and I will not be afraid."  (something along those lines)  He said he would be spurting out quotes if he had his notebook with him but he hadn't brought it to do laundry. 
I had sent his old scriptures to him as he requested and he was very grateful for that.  He said they have insights he definitely needed to see.  (thanks to great seminary/church teachers over the years) He is very excited to be going to Colombia tomorrow.  His companion has been sick but they went to the doctors today and his companion was cleared to travel. There is one elder whose VISA didn't come through in time to go.  Kade says it will definitely be hard to say goodbye to his two roommates that are called to Mexico.  They had a small meeting to tell them what to expect at the MTC in Colombia. They don't have a bookstore or anything like that so they are allowed to go off campus to grocery stores and to buy other needed things.  They can exercise across the street in the public park because they have workout machines there.  He is excited to be able to call from the airport and we are excited to be able to talk with him. 
I believe that the easiest way to write him is through  You need to click "write a letter" and then click pouch mail and his mission which is Colombia Bogota North.  He would love to hear from everyone.   

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