Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

Elder Kade Larsen arrived in Colombia last Tuesday.  He will be in the Colombian MTC for another five weeks.  He said they are not allowed to leave the locked compound yet.  They were able to attend the Colombian temple today.  He was really excited about that and said they have a really nice temple.  He understands quite a bit of the Spanish but said it was hard because they speak so fast there.  It was funny last week because he said he feels like he speaks with a stutter because he speaks so slow and has to think about it so much. 

He said that the food is pretty good there.  Last week he said that they have rice for every meal except breakfast which was okay with him because he loves rice.  This week he said, "We have rice at  EVERY meal, except breakfast. Seriously, it's getting a tad old.  We have had yellow rice, brown rice, white rice, etc."  Kade is a pretty picky eater and it does sound like he is trying to venture out and try things that he's never seen before.  He doesn't care much for plantains.  He tried something that the American elders call Alien Eggs but it is actually called agrandenida. (not sure of spelling) He said you break open the orangish-yellow outside and inside it is similar to a pomegranate but the eggs are grey and black.  You just have to put your mouth on the pile of 'em and suck 'em out!  He says it tastes okay but definitely not the greatest thing they have had there.  He did say they have some wonderful types of fruit there.

His companion was just made district leader and so that makes him senior companion.  There are three elders in his class that are pretty much fluent.  Everyone else is around his stage or a little better.   He wishes he could learn it easier. "There are days when it just clicks and then other days when I feel like there is no chance for me, haha.  I know there is so I keep on working on it.  There is just so much to learn in so little time."

There is not a pouch mail system to Colombia.  Apparently if they get it at all it has to go through Peru first.  So if you want to mail him a letter mail it through the U.S. Mail to: 
Elder Kade Larsen
Carrera 45, #57 B-26
Barrio Nicholas de Federman
I do not think he has received any mail other than my gmail letters so far because he hasn't mentioned it.  Any Christmas mail should be sent to his mission home at:
Elder Kade Larsen
Colombia Bogota North Mission
Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1001
Edificio Liberty Seguros
Bogota, Cundinamarca
Packages must have this phone number  57-31-210-4663

He said that he knows why they don't let the missionaries drive while on their missions.  THEY WOULD ALL DIE!!!  He said it is exhilarating though.  At all times there is a vehicle on all sides of them within five inches and traveling fast.  Motorcycles veer in and out at will as if there are no rules.  He can't believe that they haven't been in a wreck yet.  On a personal note *I am very grateful that he won't be driving in Colombia!!! 

Elder Larsen seems to be having a great experience. He loves all of you and appreciates your support.  Until next week....

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