Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012
Dear Family,
To say the least.. This week has been really eventful and great. Your pictures look like you guys had a great time and I am pretty jealous. Thanksgiving is non existant here so yeah, it was the usual rice and chicken-beef haha.
Mom, I still havent seen the new 4-Wheeler! Your killin me! lol Sounds like a lot of fun going up and shooting the guns and stuff. I miss stuff like that a lot. I miss being able to go up on the mountain in general..The picture of Oakley is awesome, he is such a stud. The Graggs are an awesome family and I have actually wanted to write Don & Doug but I dont have their address either.  Sorry for asking for addresses all the time. I just need them.
Anyways, sometime last week, cant remember the day, an Area 70 came and spoke to us which was pretty neat and he was pretty generous to us Gringos so he spoke slower than he usually would so we could understand it. Great man. Sunday was also an awesome day, like usual. We had the normal talks and movie type stuff going on but in what talk we watched it was a talk at the MTC on April 15th, 2012 and David Archuleta sang at the devotional. He sang the Spirt of God, Part of it was in Spanish as well. Man it hit me pretty dang hard, it was awesome. He sang with so much power I just cant ever forget it. Seriously I cried.
Yesterday, the best day ever. Yesterday was the day that we were able to hit the city of Bogota! We first went to the Temple like a normal Pday which was nice and then we went to the Museo de Oro (museum of Gold). We had to transfer money in a place next to the museum. I transfered $40 so not a lot. The Gold Museum was awesome, like 7-8 floors of gold relics, it was crazy. After that we were able to go shop at some of the mini market things by the museum. It kind of reminds me of the Mexico markets and stuff but I like these ones better. I bought a bag! It is a bag with a llama on it. It is handmade and super awesome! I would send pictures but no camera... I wish I could. Everyone loves my bag ha. It was fun walking around on the streets, it is a crazy place though I wont lie. After shopping we went to (Monserrate) which is like a big mountain with a catholic church up on the top of it. You have to pay to take the tram up to the top. It costs 15400 Pesos (Mil) for roundtrip. We got up there and took loads of pictures. The sun-clouds made it so awesome. You will love those picture if I ever get to even send them. I bet I wont be able to until I leave the MTC. But you will love them.
 I talked to people up at the church and it was neat. Its a big tourist spot here I guess. You can see Bogota for as far as you can see and still cant quite see the end of it. Es muy loco pero chevere. We came back from that to the MTC and President and Sister Hall bought us Subway sandwiches for dinner, that was great. We watched 17 miracles after that. We were the only district in the mtc because all the latinos left for the field Tuesday morning. Kinda cool huh. Anyways, I need to get going which Im sorry again. It looks like you guys are having a great time with everything going on.
Kenna and Chris' dog looks pretty cool. I hope you all are having a really good week. I loved the pictures of everyone by the way, the Mattinsons, Oakley, Thanksgiving dinner, etc. Its always fun to see. Well Love you guys and Miss you a lot. The Spanish is getting better and I got a new companion today by the way, Its Elder Gale from Annabella (South Sevier). Kinda crazy how we are now companions, haha. We are excited though to get to work with our new investigators. Elder Casey, old companion, got a latino companion because he is way good at Spanish. Love ya and have a great week! Thanks so much for the addresses!
Elder Kade Howard Larsen

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