Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elder Larsen with a birthday gift from some members.  It is a painting by a street artist that paints with cans of spray paint.  It was made especially for him and even says happy birthday in Spanish.

Elder Larsen holding a birthday cake that he thought was so delicious.  He said they put something like fireworks on them.
Elder Larsen had a great birthday and wanted to thank all of you that sent special birthday wishes.  He had birthday wishes from around 100 of you that respond to my plea.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!   He felt special and remembered, which is exactly what we were trying to accomplish.
On his birthday he was up at 3 AM and was traveling by 3:45 heading to Bogota.  He couldn't get any sleep in the bus because the driver had his music too loud.  They had a great day in Bogota.  They played basketball and also some good old American football.  He said it was nice to play with the other American elders that knew how to play and they played hard.  They had a lunch and then changed in to their suits for a conference with the President.  About the time the conference started, so did his migrain.  Blasted migrains!!!  That is an inherited thing that our kids get.  They are miserable!  He was able to locate a couple of ibuprofen and take them.  He felt sick the whole conference but made it through. 
The people in Tunja spoiled him for his birthday. He had a celebration with the Hermana Suezca family the night before his birthday and was taken to a pizza place.  They had a dinner, birthday cake, and a family home evening in the restaurant.  They also gave him the gift of the picure above. The picture is made from a street painter that paints with spray cans. It looks so well done.  He loves it.  They also had a popcorn party with one of the members he shares a close birthday with.  The members are so good to him in Tunja and from his family here in America, THANK YOU!  
They've taught some powerful lessons this week. One of his investigators is recovering from a surgery and then found out that her daughter has stomach cancer and it is really serious.   Nobody in the house is working because she just had a surgery and the daughter now has cancer.  The daughter has six little kids living with her. He has asked us to keep her in our prayers because they definitely need it. 
The rules for email have changed recently for the missionaries.  You can write him at  He may not have time to answer everyone immediately but he would love to hear from you.  He said he does think the "Dear Elder" does deliver to Bogota North because he sees elders with letters all the time from Dear Elder.  They are supposed to receive that in a week as opposed to a month going through the mail system.  I will have to try that and report if it works well or not.

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