Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elder Larsen's letter on April 22, 2013
The people in Colombia are spoiling Elder Larsen.  Apparently he had birthday parties all week long.  He writes, "Wow this week has been pretty dang stacked up with stuff for sure. This week we have had 6 different cakes to eat.. Wow right? Never ate so much cake in my life. Its ok though because it was really, really good. Three of them were the same kind. Vanilla with strawberries inside. Oh tan rico! lol I will try and send some of the pictures with this as well. There were plenty of parties so I have a lot of photos."

For P-day they went to Barbosa. Barbosa is the other area in their district and takes about an hour and a half to get there. They went and played futbol (soccer) with an investigator and a Hermano (around 55 years old). "It was pretty fun, it was also the first time I have played soccer in like 4 years."  It wasn't like normal soccer. It was called micro and is played with a smaller ball and on a lot smaller field.  "I was with Elder A_____ and an investigator. Elder A_____, before the mission, was given a contract to sign with a professional team in Honduras (needless to say he is pretty good). They were surprised that I, as a gringo, could play a little bit." He said it is a lot hotter in Barbosa than Tunja, "which kind of stinks".  Maybe he meant that literally because he said he was sweating like a criminal on the run. haha 
They had a couple lessons with a special family this week. He is so nervous right now about this family. He doesn't want to leave Tunja with them not being members of the church because they have spent so much time working with them. Transfers are in two weeks. They are inviting them, again, to get baptized on the 4th.  The dad needs to make some progression with the word of wisdom. He asked us to please pray specifically for this family and this date.

The people really liked the four missionaries that were there before the last transfer.  Members had gotten close to them.  Kade is nervous to leave and said the members are nervous about him leaving too.  They say he is the last of "the 4". When it was "the 4" they had a lot of success working with the members.  He said, "Every house we go to they are like "Your the only one left! When you leave we are going to cry!"  Kade says he is doing his best to keep the people happy and trying to have his companion make connections with the people. It is hard because his companion doesn't talk very much.
Kade said the people love the photos of our family.  I'm thinking, "Why is he flashing those around!"  haha  But then with three weddings last year we have plenty of recent family photos.  He said that most people think that Tanner is Kade in 80% of the photos. They always say "Is this your girlfriend! Very pretty!" about Tanner's wife.  He said it's always fun to talk about the family with them. "They think our family is awesome."  It is amazing how much more our kids appreciate our home AFTER they have left, especially when they leave Utah and get out in the world.  It would be interesting to hear what he is telling them about us, wouldn't it?

Kade is doing great!  If you would like to write him his email address is


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