Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kade has had an experience this week that reinforces the reason I pray for his safety every single time that I pray. I am sure that he was directed by the Holy Ghost.
Elder Larsen says General Conference was pretty awesome he wasn't able to watch all of the sessions. If someone else could watch in English with him then he could go in tot he bishops office and have it streamed in on the internet.  Some sessions he had to watch in Spanish but said he had to concentrate so hard on what they were saying that he couldn't take too good of notes. The second Sunday session had just started when they had a "bit of a disturbance."   I will use Elder Larsen's words to describe it.  "Basically, a crazy guy came trying to stop his old fiance from coming to conference. They were fighting when they came in. She was trying to get away and one of our bishopric members stepped in and the guy punched him two or three times. When I entered the hall is when she got away from the guy and the counselor was just stepping in. I passed the Sister in the hall because she ran to the office. He saw me and didn't enter into the hallway any further. I separated them and the guy yelled at me for a bit and then left, slamming the door and throwin a fit. I wanted to do something more but I had the pretty strong thought to just wait for him to leave and listen. I stood between them both so that he didn't came after the counselor again. The people in the conference in the chapel didn't hear it because the volume was way loud because there are a few members who can't hear well. The police came and left quickly to go and find him. They found him and he got arrested. The counselor in the bishopric has to have surgery this week. After the guy left I was helping the counselor until more help came and we gave him a blessing there on the spot. The EMTs came to help as well and told him he needed to go to the hospital for an xray. I was there because I was watching it in English in the bishops office, so it was mainly just us. Thats a LONG story made really short."
He is bound and determined to go and watch the Sunday afternoon session sometime this week. Maybe for their companionship/language study. The disturbance happened during his favorite speaker. He liked the quote from  Elaine S. Dalton's talk "What e`er thy art; act well they part."
He thought it was amazing to hear the number of missionaries out in the mission field right now. These numbers were the numbers at December 2012 so there are definitly more out there now. The work is moving forward and he is glad to be a part of it. He is also glad that I was just before the huge boom. 
This last week they had around 10 different investigators attending one or more of the conference meetings.  They also had some great lessons with a family last week where the father asked all the questions he could think of and after he felt a lot better about the church. 
Elder Larsen was "really stoked" to hear about Cedar City getting a temple and is wanting to know where they are going to put it. He said he gets asked often how many temples are in the United States and in Utah.  So I was able to get a list and send it to him.  Now he can answer those types of questions too.
I sent his birthday package on March 1st to make sure that it got there by his birthday next week on April 16th.  He said, "Hey, I recieved the birthday package and ended up opening it this week because I didn't want to wait too much longer. I am actually wearing the Utah State Aggies shirt right now (Thanks Tan and Linds) haha Its a pretty sweet shirt and it honestly feels like a muscle shirt so thats always a good feeling right? lol"
Next week is his birthday and I would really like to make it special for him.  I would like all of you to leave a comment for him.  I will collect them on Sunday and get a special birthday email ready for him.  He's turning 20.  Please help me make his birthday special.  Thanks.

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  1. Hey Elder Larsen, I can't believe you are 20! That makes me feel old! I love reading the updates your Mom posts about your mission! You are awesome and a great example to all! Take care of yourself and enjoy your mission!
    Happy Birthday!
    Mary, Kyle and kids